What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. In general terms, it is a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various software systems – in this case, between GiveSmart Fundraise and your organization's Customer Relations Management (CRM) system.

What does the GiveSmart Fundraise API do?

Our API entails a one-way sync of transactional data from GiveSmart Fundraise into your CRM. A complete list of exportable fields can be downloaded in CSV format here.

Note: Custom fields added to any GiveSmart Fundraise form are not included in the base integration. If you are interested in migrating custom data, please contact us for availability and pricing estimates.

How often does the data sync?

With a Salesforce integration, the data syncs daily (usually between 4 am - 7 am PST). With any other API, the sync frequency is customizable. You can speak more with our developers about this.

What does the integration process look like?

The process is quite simple. Upon receiving the data mapping document from our Integrations Engineering Department, you and your team can map the data fields from our exportable transaction CSV file, indicating the corresponding fields you'd like them to roll up to in your CRM. Our developers will work closely with you to ensure a mutual understanding of how and where particular fields will transfer from your GiveSmart Fundraise account to your database. From there, our developers will acquire access to your CRM to build the API and conduct ample testing to ensure fields are syncing correctly.

How long will it take?

The duration of the integration build varies depending on the type of CRM being integrated with. If we have already built an API with your CRM in the past, the process is quicker than if we are building the API for the first time. Duration is also contingent upon the availability of both parties (GiveSmart Fundraise and your IT team) to work through the data mapping documents and do ample testing. To see an estimated CRM integration timeline, click here.