Classic Theme Retirement - What to know

Please note: The "Classic" Crowdfunding and Peer to Peer Fundraising theme is a design that has slowly been phased out over the years. If you do not have a choice of themes in your GiveSmart Fundraise account, that just means you have never used it and only have the option of the more current theme. For information on designing Crowdfunding and Peer to Peer Fundraising in the current theme, click here.

This article is only for those who have used the Classic theme and have active Classic Crowdfunding and Peer to Peer Fundraising Campaigns, which sunsets in March 2023.

You have a Crowdfunding and Peer to Peer Fundraising campaign that has been or needs to transition to the newer theme from the Classic Theme.  There are plenty of new features to take advantage of, but most of the design and functionality will carry over to the modern theme.  This article will guide you through what has changed and where to learn more.

Summary / Quick Checks

None of the functionality has changed, it may just have moved to a new section within the design. So your goals and text is still there and still working as it should.

The quick things you will want to check when your campaign is moved to the newer theme:

  • Make sure your Brand Logo is still useful or if you might need to alter it, because of its new placement.
  • Make sure your Background Image is visible the way you want it. since the Fundraising page is now wider than before
  • Upload your Celebrity Photo to the Media Carousel and/or add images and videos to the Media.

Detailed Crowdfunding and Peer to Peer Fundraising Setup Info

Fundraising Page

Crowdfunding and Peer to Peer Fundraising Transition

Choose a Theme Section

This section will be completely removed. The versatility of the newer theme will allow you to personalize your Fundraising Page in many ways without needing the option of different themes. 

Note: If it is still in the grace period before the Classic theme is sunset, you can always change it to the newer theme (Theme 1) at any time, so you can give yourself extra time to check and update the functionality.

Theme Section

Logo & Branding Section

The Logo & Branding section is almost the same. You may need to adjust your images and add some personalization: 

Classic Logo & BrandingLogo & Branding

Brand Logo: In the newer design, your brand logo appears in the banner of the page, so your color choices may hide it and it may be smaller than on the Classic theme.  You also may want to consider swapping it for an image with a transparent background.

Background Image: There's more on the newer Fundraising Page, so less room to show off your background image. Depending on what your image looks like, you may want to change it to fit the newer Fundraising page.

Card Styles: In the newer design, there is an added component for Fundraiser Card Styles, so you can include different styles that appear on the Fundraising page to showcase your Volunteer Fundraisers.

Detailed Logo & Branding Info

Banner Section

Nothing changes in the Banner section.

Classic Banner SectionBanner Section

Main Section 

The Main is probably the most different in terms of locations and look; the items under the Main Section have moved to more appropriately segmented sections in the newer theme. The functionality of the items in the Main Section, though, remains the same.

Classic Main Section

  • Main Text: This is moved into the Impact tab on the Fundraising Page and edited in the Tab Sections
  • Progress Bar:  This is mostly moved into the Goals section. The Donors optionsuder the Progress Bar are moved into the Tabs Section
  • Donors: This is now edited in the Tabs Section.
  • Donate Button: This has moved into the Buttons section.
  • Fundraiser Button: This has moved into the Buttons section.
  • Share Button: This is no longer a button to take you to another page, but instead is just part of the activity. You can configure the sharing options under the Social Media section.
  • Organization Logo: This is set up in the Logo & Banner section.
  • Organization Summary: This is moved into the Impact tab on the Fundraising Page and edited in the Tab Sections. The Organization Summary will appear below the Main text, and below any Team or Fundraiser text on their pages.


The Login Button option in the Footer section has been removed. Now, when a fundraiser or team goes to their page, it will always have an option in the standard footer to "Edit your page"

Classic Footer


Classic Footer Example



Social Media

Nothing has changed in the Social Media section.

Classic Social Media Section

Unaffected Items/Pages

The other standard features of your Crowdfunding and Peer to Peer Fundraising activity remain the same, including:

  • Fundraising Dashboard
  • Donation / Online Forms
  • Teams configuration
  • Sign Up Form

Team Categories

The Team Categories section was only implemented in the Classic Theme, therefore, this will be retired with the Classic Theme

Classic Team Categories