Corporate Donation Matching: Amply

Matching programs make donors feel great about the value they're offering nonprofits. These programs also enable organizations to donate funds in a meaningful way and provide excellent funding. GiveSmart Fundraise and Amply make the process to find and activate that corporate matching very easy for both the organization and the donor. 

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Amply LogoAmply helps nonprofits double the impact of contributions by streamlining the gift match process, saving valuable time for you and your donors. While thousands of companies have a matching gifts program, many of employees’ gifts go unmatched because the employee is unfamiliar with the policy. With Amply, Nonprofits can increase donation revenues by upward of 20%.

There is no fee to create and tie your Amply account to GiveSmart Fundraise and the wizard described below makes the process very simple. Amply is still a third-party integration with your GiveSmart Fundraise account, so, to see and discuss their pricing structures and a full list of features, you will have to contact Amply directly.

For more information about Amply, visit their FAQ page at

Initializing Corporate Donation Matching

This feature is currently an optional function and may not be enabled on your account. If you would like to have it added, contact your account manager or GiveSmart Fundraise Support and ask to have the "Donation Matching" feature enabled.

To enable Corporate Donation Matching, you need to connect your GiveSmart Fundraise account to your Amply account. If you do not have an Amply account, this process will also take you through creating the free account.

  1. As an Administrator of your GiveSmart Fundraise account, go into your account Settings.
    Setup & Settings - Settings
  2. Select the Integrations category on the left and open the Corporate Donation Matching section.
    Settings Menu - Integrations section
  3. Click on Connect across from Amply.
    Corporate Donation Matching Settings - Initial
    • NOTE: Only 1 corporate donation matching platform can be connected at one time.  If you have both an Amply & Double the Donation account, you must choose which you would like to connect with your GiveSmart Fundraise account.

  4. Review the information provided on the page, then click Setup Amply.
    GiveSmart Fundraise - Amply Set Up Page
  5. The next screen will allow you to review what information about your account will be sent to Amply. You can quit out of the setup process and go make any changes before continuing.
  6. , Make sure to read the Terms & Conditions at the bottom and when you're done, put the check in the "I acknowledge..." checkbox.
  7. If everything looks good, click Continue in the upper right of the window.

    Corporate Donation Matching Continue Button

  8. It should now indicate that your Amply account is ready. Click I'm Done to continue.

While the GiveSmart Fundraise side of the connection is complete, to properly receive the matched donations you will need to complete your Amply account on the Amply website: The rest of the setup continues below.

Amply Account Created

Disconnecting from Amply

If you go back into Settings > Integrations >  Corporate Donation Matching, instead of the Connect link, you will see a Disconnect link. If you ever wish to stop using Amply completely, you can click on Disconnect to disconnect from Amply.

Corporate Donation Matching Connected

Setting Up Your Amply Account

When you connect your GiveSmart Fundraise account to Amply, an email will be sent to you with a link that you can follow to continue setting up the Amply side of the connection. It will ask you for your email and to create a password.

When you have entered the information click Set New Password to continue.

Amply Create Account Page

To start successfully collecting matched donations, you will need to finish the Amply Onboarding process which includes providing information about your organization, Charity categories that apply to your organization and Billing Information.

Amply Onboarding

For more information about Amply, we highly recommend you visit their FAQ page at

And also schedule a meeting/training session with them to see all the capabilities they offer as well as answer questions you may have:

Amply Support will assist you with your Amply specific questions.

Below is an example of what you can see in your Ampluy account to process the corporate matching donations.


Using Amply (Video)

This video provides an overview of how your Amply account functions, presented by Amply. For more detailed information, make sure to schedule a session with the Amply team.

Adding Matching Gifts to Donation Forms

Once you've connected your GiveSmart Fundraise account to Amply and completed your Amply onboarding profile, you are ready to start taking matching donations. The function is automatically added to your Donation forms immediately after Suggested Amounts.

There is really nothing else that needs to be done to start taking advantage of this feature. The information below is included only if you want to reword the messages, etc.

Matching Donations Design

Changing Matching Gift Settings

If you decide not to use Matching Donations on one specific form, you can just turn the Show/Hide switch on the Match Donation Checkbox to Hide.

If you wish to change the wording of the Checkbox, you can click on the edit icon and change the Display Label, which is what will appear on the form itself.

By default, the status is left Unchecked. 

One of the few reasons you may wish to switch the status to Checked is if this form is marketed specifically as a Corporate Matching Donation form, so your supporters are explicitly looking for the feature. Otherwise, the best practice is to leave it Unchecked, so they have the option, but it doesn't appear as if it is required for them to donate.

Edit Matching Checkbox

When your donor checks the box to get their company to match their donation, you can change what appears on the line asking them to type in their company name.

We recommend leaving this line "As Is" since it includes the actual instructions on what they need to do.

Edit Company Lookup

The entry for the Compay Name is hidden by default using a Dynamic Action. For more on Dynamic actions, click here. Maybe you would like to include more when they check the Match Donation box, such as a picture or video or something else. If so, add that item or items using Add Form Elements, then include them in the Dynamic Actions for the Match Donation checkbox.

In case you make a mistake, here is the default setting for this dynamic action:

Matching Checkbox Dynamic Action Defaults

Note: One of the needs of the Matching Donations is to have an email address. Therefore, when you are using the Matching Donations feature, the Email Address will be required and you will not be able to change that option in the Contact Information section.

Email Required

And now your ability to get companies to match your donors' donations is ready to go!

Corporate Donation Matching Example