Create Recurring Donors from Year-End Giving Campaigns

Year-End Giving campaigns typically generate 31% of a nonprofit’s annual revenue. Yet without a deep, long-standing connection to your cause, you’re likely to lose those new donors. In this presentation, you’ll learn inventive and effective ways to attract and cultivate long-term donor relationships that motivate sustained giving and grow your revenue within year-end donations. 

You'll learn how to:

  • Connect with recurring donors during year-end giving
  • Assess giving capacity 
  • Utilize the 3 Cs of recurring giving
  • Grow your annual budget
  • Incorporate tools to make your campaign easier and more successful



Download the slides from the class, by clicking here.

Create Recurring Donors from Year-End Giving Campaigns Title Slide

Don't forget this infographic to plan your Thanking strategy. Click here to download.

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