What assets do organizations need to setup a crowdfunding campaign?

To set up a Crowdfunding campaign , you'll need the following assets:

1. Background Image

  • Recommended size 1920px X 1080px
  • An image that will look good behind the fundraising page when supporters visit the fundraising page website on their computer.

2. Inspirational Photo for header

  • Recommended size: 500px X 170px
  • An image of beneficiaries, impact or results
  • An image that will look good in a horizontal orientation in the space at the top of the page
  • Works for mobile and desktop
  • Fundraisers cannot personalize or change this image

3. Celebrity Photo (Optional only if you have a celebrity or central fundraiser leading the campaign)

  • Recommended size: 200px X 200px
  • This image will only appear on the Organization's fundraiser page.

4. Fundraiser call to action (default but customer can change)

  • Recommended length: 250 characters
  • First 40 characters are seen when people land on the page, the rest when copy is expanded
  • Fundraisers should be encouraged to personalize this copy so their friends know why they're fundraising on your behalf, and the difference their donations will make

5. Organization Logo

  • Recommended size: 200px X 200px

6. Organization Summary

  • Recommended length: 250 characters
  • This summary will serve as an introduction to your organization for your Fundraiser's friends and associates who may not be familiar with your work

Once you have all your assets, you're ready to Set Up a Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Activity.