Event Kit

This Event Kit gives you links to build your activities for your event and downloads to enhance your fundraising event's potential.

Have you set up your Merchant Account yet? This needs to be completed before using most of GiveSmart Fundraise for your event. To set up your merchant account, click here.

Watch the video for the strategies and ideas used with this Event Kit, then scroll down for more information.

The slides from the recording can be downloaded here.

For an outline of building your event, download the Event Planner's Worksheet here.

Are you changing your event to a Virtual Event, or planning to include virtual elements? Check out the Virtual Events page here.

Event Collateral

Design Content

Event Page

Ticketing and Reservations

Dynamic Fundraising Event Form & Thermometer


Fundraising Ideas and Strategies

Quick Checklist to test before your Event

  • Mobile and WiFi Signals are strong at the venue
  • Event computers (preferably) are on wired network connections (Thermometer, Offline Donations, Check-Ins, etc.)
  • Event computers have AC connections
  • Thermometer page responds to texts
  • Thermometer page options (Live Display) are changing correctly
  • Swipers are operating correctly

Planning on using a credit card swiper at your event?

Before you can order a credit card swiper, you have to be approved for a Merchant Account.

  1. Fill out your application.

  2. Email us a picture of a voided check. A scan or picture will work. Send it to merchantaccounts@mobilecause.com

Need help? Call (888) 661-8804 and select option 2 or email merchantaccounts@mobilecause.com.