Fundraising through COVID-19

In just a few short days and weeks, the ways in which nonprofits reach and connect with donors has dramatically changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This page provides specific suggestions and ideas to help your organization through this unique time. As new material becomes available, it will be added to this page.

Building Meaningful Donor Connections in a COVID World


Donor Connection Event ebook cover

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67% of donors are highly likely to support a donor-centered nonprofit indefinitely? A donor-centric plan that builds meaningful connections is a great way for nonprofits to stand out and inspire donors, especially during these trying times.

Building Meaningful Donor Connections in a COVID World defines the three pillars on which you can build your donor-centric plan, plus the six easy, expert strategies for organizations to create meaningful relationships with supporters so they feel understood, known and inspired. Included are all the tips and strategies you'll need to put them into practice right away.  

Getting your messages seen and heard is challenging enough, even before coronavirus. These strategies will help you build a deep loyalty from your audience for many years to come.    

Virtual Fundraising Event & Campaign Ideas


Virtual Fundraising

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We are all in uncertain times due to the coronavirus pandemic and the prescribed social distancing, and it has left many nonprofits wondering what alternatives they have to holding an in-person fundraising event so they can still make a difference for their cause.

Our infographic, Virtual Fundraising Event and Campaign Ideas, brings them 10 effective and fun ways to take their event online, when the time comes for them to start fundraising again. We share what each idea entails, how to put it into action, plus creative uses to get nonprofits going when they’re ready.

Coronavirus Communication Templates


Comm Templates

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Get customizable email, text and social media messages that keep donors abreast of event changes, reinforce your mission and help make an impassioned appeal when you’re ready. 

Text Message Template

Go to Communication & Marketing > Message Template

Communication & Marketing > Message Templates

There is a COVID-19 template created to guide you through an initial texting communication campaign.

COVID-19 Message Template Button

This will send four messages from the short code of 41444, 1 week apart.

  1. Assign the series of texts to a campaign
  2. Schedule the Date and Time for the first message to go out
    • Note: The other messages in the series will go at the same time a week later
  3. Replace the [bracketed] information with your organization's information
    • Template Replace
    • Note: The templates are just text, so you can change anything, but make sure to change the prompts in the brackets
  4. Choose the list or lists to send the series of messages to
  5. Click Schedule Message

The messages will go to the Scheduled category where you can make changes to any individual message before they send.

Twitter Examples

COVID Twitter Example

View the 2020 Coronavirus Twitter Moment here

Many organizations are using GiveSmart Fundraise and Twitter to get the word out. Browse through these real Twitter posts from organizations like yours for inspiration for your own Twitter (and other Social Media platforms) posts.

Event Page Examples

The launch of the new Event Page has provided many organizations with a new tool to quickly create a webpage dedicated to their efforts to help in this crisis.  Here are just a few. Click on the pictures to go to their pages.

Penn StateCedar Crest

Create your own Event Page with the instructions found here.

Complete Mobile Strategy Guide


Complete Mobile Strategy Guide

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"How can nonprofits continue to effectively communicate and fundraise in the new "normal" of virtual environments?"  

Our Complete Mobile Strategy Guide shares how mobile messaging and text-to-donate can transform your communications like never before. Here are just a few of the ways these tools can help keep donors informed and your organization moving forward during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond:

  • Send important updates via text (95% of texts are opened within 3 minutes)
  • Capture sign ups from virtual volunteers and/or seniors who need extra help
  • Receive gifts via text-to-donate during virtual events and live streaming
  • Use text-to-donate for video, television and radio appeals
  • Share encouraging words, safety tips and ways to stay connected