This page will provide you with interactive charts to quickly view the health of your campaigns. You can export images suitable for your presentations or reports and view where you are succeeding in different campaigns.

Please note that Insights are only available with an Advanced Plan. If you would like this functionality with your account, and do not have the Advanced Plan, contact your Account Administrator for pricing and to upgrade.


If you have the feature as part of your contract, you can go to Reporting > Insights to work with the interactive Insights page.

Reporting > Insights

There are four sections to the Insight page:

  • Top Campaigns: This bar graph will show up to the top 10 campaigns in your account.
  • Donations by Date: This heat map will show which days were better or worse for your donations
  • Recurring Donation: This ring chart will show they types of recurring donations you have
  • Donations by Amount: This bar graph will show the number of donations and dollar amounts within different amount ranges.

To download an image or spreadsheet of one of the charts, hover over a chart and a action bar will appear in the upper right of that chart.  Click on the Action dots menu and select Download > Image or Download > CSV.

Download Options

Please note that the spreadsheet only contains what is shown on this chart. For more granular information about the various transactions, you would need to run a full report under Reporting > Transactions. For more information on this reporting, click here.

Top Campaigns

Click on a campaign's bar to change the other charts to see the data specific to that campaign. By default the bars will show both the Recurring and the One Time donations.

You can click on the Recurring or One Time icon below the chart to turn that type of donation off and on.

If you click on one of the bars in the chart, this campaign will be selected and the other three charts will change to show only the numbers for that campaign.

To revert to the default view of all the top campaigns, click on the Clear Selection box above the chart.

Clear Selection

By showing the top campaigns, you can see how one campaign compares against another. If one campaign outstrips your other campaigns, then you know you should review what you did in that campaign to replicate its successes.

By giving you the option to show/hide Recurring and One Time Donations, you can quickly determine those factors to see if one campaign was better on just the one element.

Donations by Date

Hover over a square to show the Total amount collected for that specific day.

Heat Map

Click on a date to change the other charts to see the data collected on that specific date. Donations by Date will show you six months at a time, that you can scroll through using the arrows above the heat maps.

Date Range

To revert to the default view of all dates, click on the Clear Selection box above the chart.

Clear Selection

The heatmap is a great tool to determine what specific days gave you the best return. With this information you can look at the factors around that specific day: Did you send out a text? An email? Was this your Day of Giving? Was there some outside factor? With the date known, it will target your research to help you replicate the successes.

Recurring Donations

Hover over the ring to show the percentages of the different frequencies of Recurring Donations and their percentage of the total number of recurring donations.

Click on the chevron by the Amount in the grid to change the order of the frequencies.

Recurring Donations

Recurring Donations will show you how specific frequencies are being used by donors. You can then determine if this is because of a specific campaign's marketing, or if it is just what donors choose.  This way you can focus your efforts toward either expanding that campaign or mentioning that specific frequency in your speeches since this is what your donors are more likely to use.

Donations by Amount

You can click on the # of Transactions or Total Donations icon below the chart to turn off and on that bar in the chart.

Donations by Amount

You can determine if an amount range is preferable to your donors, and concentrate your limited time on that range. If the vast majority of your donors donate more than $500, and this is generating your greatest amount of donations, you know focusing here will likely give you the best return on your investment. The other ranges may provide insight into expanding those amounts as well.