Interactive Calendar Builder for Scheduling Fundraising and Communication Campaigns

Download the Interactive Calendar Builder and open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader so you can save your notes to the PDF document.

Scheduling your fundraising campaigns and events is a vital part of an effective fundraising strategy, but getting the details down can be tricky. That's why we've created this Interactive Calendar Builder to help.

This Interactive Calendar Builder Includes:

  • Campaign timelines with "Add to Calendar" feature to set dates
  • Pro tips with best practices for success

This calendar will make it easy for your organization to Set Up, Promote, Remind, Inspire, Thank, and Engage supporters with digital solutions to reach a new generation of donors.

Explore and click all through the Calendar Builder to discover all of its functionality.

How To Use

Note: Make sure you are not viewing the document through your web browser so you will be able to save your notes in the document.

Step 1: Browse through the different types of campaigns and choose the one that best fits your campaign.

Calendar Pages

Step 2: Click on the type of Calendar you have at the bottom of each step to create a Calendar item.

Download Calendar

Step 3: In your Calendar program, adjust the Date to fit your event the timeline in the Calendar Builder

Step 4: Add/Remove the tasks within that Calendar item and save.

Note: Be sure to come back to the Campaign Calendar Page to check off each task as you complete it and add any notes.