Navigating GiveSmart Fundraise

Welcome to GiveSmart Fundraise! This article provides a simple guide to understanding and navigating your GiveSmart Fundraise account. Once you have logged in, you are presented with your Dashboard shown below. Review the items below to know where things are and how to get started.

Dashboard Navigation

  1. Navigation Menus
    • Use the Menus to see and create your different activities grouped by type, send messages and run your reports.
    • These categories: Fundraising, Events, Engagement, etc. are also the categories found in the Knowledge Center. The Knowledge Center tries to follow the application so you can browse and easily find what you are looking for.
  2. Home
    • Click the GiveSmart Fundraise logo or the Home icon to return to the dashboard from anywhere in the application.
  3. Account Settings
    • Set up your account by adding users, configure settings to make your activity designs easier, add functionality to your account such as accepting PayPal payments and Amply Corporate Matching donations, and more.
  4. User Account
    • Review and edit your user profile details and log out of GiveSmart Fundraise.
    • Make sure to add your mobile number to you account so you can test text messages before sending them out.
  5. Total Donations
    • This section shows the total donations you have collected in your GiveSmart Fundraise account.
  6. Texting Subscriptions
    • This section shows how many text messages you have sent in the current month and how many text subscribers you have.
  7. Training Videos
    • You’ll find showcased training videos in the upper right corner of the dashboard. We change these featured videos (also found throughout the Knowledge Center)  as we introduce new features and for seasonality and special occasions. Be sure to keep an eye on them and watch the videos when you need them.
  8. Campaigns
    • The lower part of the dashboard shows your Campaigns tab. This shows all your different campaigns in a descriptive tile format. This section allows you to get a more granular view of how your GiveSmart Fundraise account is doing, segmented by each campaign vs. the entire account above.
  9. Keywords
    • Activities within your campaigns are frequently referred to by their Keywords - the text to send to reach the specific forms. If you find it easier to look for a specific activity by its keyword, click this tab to see a listing of all your keywords.
  10. Filter and Sort
    • You can archive activities and they will be hidden by default. The Filter option allows you to show or hide those inactive activities. You can also sort campaigns and keywords in different ways.
  11. New Campaign
    • All activities must reside in a campaign - that event or gala or whatever fundraising goal you are working on. You can create a new campaign by clicking on the New Campaign button or by using the New Campaign tile which will always be at the end of your list of campaign tiles.
  12. New Activity
    • Create your Text-to-Donate, Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, Ticketing, or other activities by clicking on the New Activity button, or by hovering over a campaign tile and clicking the Plus (+) icon.
  13. Campaign Tiles
    • These tiles provide a quick snapshot of the health of your campaign.
    • Click the tiles to go into the campaign to learn more about the campaign.
    • Hover over the tile to reveal buttons to create activities, change the name of the campaign and edit the settings of the campaign.
  14. Help Menu
    • Find the Knowledge Center, New features and additional links to help you understand and use and make the most of your GiveSmart Fundraise account.