Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics enhances the Reporting numbers you can get from your GiveSmart Fundraise reports. With the Ecommerce turned on allows you to view your donations over time (transactions), the size of the donations, donations on specific keywords, etc. You can determine conversion rates, performance of forms and more.

From the basic information (Campaigns, Keyword, Form) you can drill down for a greater understanding of your supporters.

You can read how you can use Google Analytics from the Google Analytics Help Center.

Ecommerce Overview

Google Analytics TermsGiveSmart Fundraise Information Used
Product CategoryCampaign Name
Product SKUKeyword_ShortCode
Example: DONATE_41444
ProductForm Type_Form ID
Example: Online Form_1234
Source/MediumThis shows how the user got to the form, just as direct, from a text, or from a referring page/site.
Example: / referral (they reached the form from a link on a mobile version of Facebook)

To learn how to set up Google Analytics in your GiveSmart Fundraise account, click here.

General View

Google Analytics Demo

Product Category View (Campaign Name)

Product Category


Product SKU View (Keyword & Shortcode)

Product SKU

Product View (Form Type & Form ID)