2023 Q1 & Q2

Interoperability Improvements

These improvements are applicable for customers who own 2 or more GiveSmart modules.  To see improvements for GiveSmart Events, click here.

Create an Events Activity in Fundraise

Last Name Field

  • Last Name field required on all forms for accounts with Donor CRM.

Updated Data Transfer

  • Updated data sent to Donor CRM.
    • Activity ID maps to the Solicit ID
    • GL Name removed
    • Gift Date now contains Transaction Date to account for recurring gifts
    • Thank You Method contains No Thank You 

Refunded Transactions

  • Refunded transactions exclude the original transaction to Donor CRM

Solicit Name Field

  • Updated Solicit Name and Notes fields of transaction report for integration with Donor CRM. The Last Name field will send UNKNOWN if blank.

Donor CRM: FMV & TDA

  • Provide the capability to add FMV and TDA through UI when the gift type is In-Kind goods.

Donor CRM: Transaction Type

  • Add a new transaction type for transactions coming from GiveSmart Fundraise and Events.

All new features and improvements listed below apply to all GiveSmart customers.

New Feature

Event Page is Now Activity Landing Page

Double the Donation

Activity Wall on Campaign Landing Page

  • The new activity wall on a Campaign Landing Page with Live Event Section enabled will display comments and donations in distinct tabs.

Campaign Landing Page

  • Allows an NPO admin the ability to configure a custom landing page and highlight donors and revenue across multiple Fundraise activities with different keywords associated with the same Campaign.


Auto Resend Messages

  • Text messages unsuccessfully delivered will be automatically re-sent within 24 hours.

Google Analytics 4

  • Google Analytics 4 now available in Analytics.
  • E-commerce tracking updated for Google Analytics 4.

Recurring Donations

  • Updated language for texts received by recurring donations to include a path to cancel/change recurring gifts and carrier compliance.
  • Updated language for emails received by recurring donations to include a path to cancel/change recurring gifts.
  • Text reminders to recurring donors moved to 7 days before next bill date.
  • Fixed how a recurring donation using Pay Over Time is calculated.
  • Fixed how a processing fee is calculated on a recurring donation from the Encourage Recurring modal.

Switching Custom Forms

  • Custom Forms can no longer be switched to another form type.

Text Message Scheduling

  • Text message scheduling improved to allow faster delivery, prevent bottlenecks, and make re-queuing more accurate.

Ticket/Item Amount Collected 

  • NPO admins can include columns to show the Ticket Amount Collected and/or the Item Amount Collected within a transaction from Transaction Reports.

Ticket Receipts

  • NPO  Admins can Check/Uncheck the Ticket Receipt email option on the ticket form settings.

Donor Receipts

  • Receipts are required to be emailed to all donors through a payment form after a donor makes a donation.

Bug Fix

Leaderboard Names

  • Fixed display of names in Leaderboard for both Teams and Fundraisers to use ellipses for long names.

Scheduled Messages

  • Scheduled messages show correct subscriber numbers.

Required Asterisk

  • Required asterisk on text box field removed.

Offline Donation Form

  • Offline Donation form now checks for valid phone numbers.

Public Display Links

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Public Display links to not appear as expected within the left navigation on iPad/Tablet view.

Apply Pay

  • Fixed an issue that caused donors to receive an error message when making a payment with Apple Pay.

E-Card Message

  • Fixes the issue that caused the Org name to not update in an e-card message after the org updated the name and then personalized the message.