How do I embed my Website Donation Form?

Your organization can create Website Donation forms for your website as well as for specific campaigns. Each form can be embedded on a webpage or linked to as a free-standing donation page. The main one is created as a Website Donation Form. Others are created as Text to Donate forms.

Note: It is highly recommended that you use a secure webpage (SSL or https://) for your donation form. If you put the donation form on an insecure site, your supporters may suspect that it is not a legitimate page. While the form itself IS secure, embedding it in an insecure page will make it appear to be insecure.

Talk with your webmaster about getting SSL on your webpage.

If you cannot get SSL or while it is in the works, it is recommended to simply link out to your GiveSmart Fundraise form instead of embedding it.

To set up your Website Donation Form:

Click  Website Donation Form

Fundraising > Website Donation Form

Customize your fundraising form and click Save.

Website Donation Form

Option #1: If you DO NOT have a secure (SSL) and mobile responsive website

Find the Secure Link at the bottom of the form builder, beneath the Save button. You can copy this link and direct the "Donate" button on your website to link to this address.

Website Donation Form - Secure Link

Option: This link can be shared directly to promote your online giving campaign.

Option #2: If you DO have a secure (SSL) and mobile responsive website

Cut and Paste embed code into the HTML of a page on your website.

We highly recommend our users with responsive websites to change the width of the iFrame to "100%" so that the frame will resize with different phone screens.

Website Donation Form Embed Code

Example WordPress HTML editor

Wordpress New Page

Embed a different donation page: You can replace the src= link in the code to embed any donation page from your GiveSmart Fundraise account.

Website Donation Form Link Highlighted

Note: Every website is a little different. You will need to work with your webmaster to correct any spacing issues on the page of your embedded donation form.