Suggested Amounts Section (Corporate Sponsorships)

The Suggested Amounts section allows you to choose what you would like for the three donation buttons on your form. Depending on the style of Corporate Sponsorship you create, you may use some, all or none of the Suggested amounts section.

If you haven't read the Corporate Sponsorship Design article, you will want to start there for all of the things to consider creating your Sponsorship form.

Suggested Amounts

Section Heading: The Section Heading can be changed or left blank if you do not want a section break to show. Since you often add some text or an image with your Corporate Sponsorships, you will most often leave this title/Heading blank, so the added elements can flow through different sections. 

Suggested Amount Examplevs.Suggested Amounts Example 2

Show/Hide Switch: If the Corporate Sponsorship is not using the Donation Buttons for the sponsorship levels, you will want to change this to Hide. While offering the option for the sponsor to increase their sponsorship may be beneficial, having the large buttons here take away from the main function of the Corporate Sponsorship form - selecting a sponsorship level. The exception would be creating levels of Sponsorship Using Donation Buttons. While this is possible, there are better ways to create Corporate Sponsorships.

Donation Button Amounts: Since you are most likely not using these buttons, you can ignore them. Otherwise, put in the levels of sponsorship you want from your Sponsors.

Default Donation Amount: Since the buttons are not being used, the Default Donation Amount should be an amount to suggest to your Sponsors, if they would like to add a contribution above and beyond their sponsorship level. More than likely, you would want to change this to $0.00. 

If you wish to further personalize the section you can Add Form Elements, such as adding a text, image or video or select different initiatives or anything else.

Since this section is either not used at all or plays a minor role in the Corporate Sponsorship designs, you likely won't add extras here.