How can donors unsubscribe from receiving text messages?

At any time, donors and supporters can reply to a text message by texting back the word STOP and unsubscribe from all future messages from your organization.

They will then be unsubscribed from all of your keywords, and if you try to upload their number in a new list it will show up as "Unsubscribed."


This is to prevent what may be considered spam texts: If a supporter unsubscribes from receiving texts yet you continued to text them against their permission, it would reflect poorly on your organization.

When a supporter texts any of your keywords, the reply will tell them how to stop receiving messages, "Text HELP for help, or STOP to end." 

When you send out a text message, the reply is automatically appended with the message "Text STOP to unsubscribe." 

For donors who are unable to unsubscribe themselves, you can manually unsubscribe them from your account by navigating to Lists on the left navigation bar.

Click By Individual in the left and search for the subscriber you wish to edit.

Click on the Plus sign (+) by their Lists and click any of the list(s) they are subscribed to edit.

Manage Lists By Individual

Find their number in the list and click on the three dots to the right of their number, then on Unsubscribe.


When you click Unsubscribe you will be prompted with a warning message to confirm the process.

If they only want to be removed from one list instead of being fully unsubscried, then you can instead choose Remove from List.

The only way someone can re-subscribe to receive messages from your organization is they have to initiate it, by texting any of your keywords or entering their number into a mobile subscription form. You, as the organization cannot re-subscribe them by adding them to a new list.