Video Previews in Text Messages

Some phones will automatically show a link preview in a text message, which can add a good visual with your texts. To take advantage of this capability, you will need to start your text with the URL.

In an effort to increase security, Apple has changed the default preview option to only work with numbers saved to the iPhone. So your supporter would have to indicate that 41444, etc. is from your organization before it will allow a preview.

Since this doesn't work on all mobile devices, it is something to consider as you build your message campaigns - don't rely on it.

Video Text BeforeVideo Text After

Note: This will technically work with a URL at the beginning or end of a text, but our system automatically adds compliance language at the end of each text ("Text STOP to unsubscribe"), so to use this feature, add the url to the beginning of texts you send out.

For more information on sending text messages, click here.