2022 Q4

Interoperability Improvements

These improvements are applicable for customers who own 2 or more GiveSmart modules.  To see improvements for GiveSmart Events, click here.

Donor CRM: End of Year Thank You Letters

Donor CRM: Organization

  • Allow to specify if a donor is an organization or individual in the donation form.

Donor CRM: Accept Stock

  • Under Add Gift Transaction Type page change the "Stock" label name to say 'Stock - Easily Accept Stock with DonateStock.com!" to provide the capability to accept a stock donation.

Donor CRM: Org Admin Email

  • Send an email to org admin when the limit for the number of records exceeds the licensed limit during file import.

Export Donor CRM Transaction Report

  • Orgs/Accounts who purchased GiveSmart Donor CRM can export their fundraising contacts and transaction data into their Donor CRM instance.  

Create Global Admin

  • Allows a Global admin to add another global admin that creates/updates the Org admin on Events.

 All new features and improvements listed below apply to all GiveSmart customers. 

New Feature

Activity Keyword Report

  • As an NPO admin I can access an Activity Keyword Report from the left Navigation to search/sort/filter/export all keywords within the account.

Fundraiser Funds Option

  • Allow a supporter to sign up as a fundraiser through the fundraising page and choose to attribute their total to their page


Recurring Donation Breakdown

  • Recurring donation transactions breakdown to reflect donation amount and transaction fee passed in the Search Transactions table and exports.

Classic Theme Sunset

  • The Classic Theme for crowdfunding pages has been sunset. 

Bug Fix

Preview Button Overlap

  • Fixes an issue that caused the Preview button to overlap the “Profile” icon, blocking users from clicking on the profile icon from that page.

Media Carousel Auto-play 

  • Fixes an issue that caused videos in the Crowdfunding media carousel to continue to auto-play with mute.