How can I add a custom message to my Thank You page?

Donors see your Thank You page after making a donation. You can customize the text on this page and add a "Next" button that links to whatever page you'd like.

Thank You Page without Mobile

To edit the Thank You page, click on your keyword from the Dashboard. Make sure you have the Keyword tab selected on the left.

To add a Next button directing to whatever page you'd like, simply enter in any web address in the box labeled Link for 'next' button after donation is made. This could be a Thank You video uploaded to your YouTube account, a page on your website, a coupon that they gain access to once donating, etc.

Link for Next

To customize the text that appears on the Thank You Page, edit or add text to the box labeled Custom Message for Thank You Page. You will have the advanced editor buttons to use to customize and add elements to your Thank You Message. You can add images, videos, links, change font, font size, and color, etc.

Thank You Message

Click Save when you're done.