Setting Up a Fundraising Event Form & Thermometer

Build a strong emotional attachment to the giving process and thank your donors using the dynamic Fundraising Thermometer. Read below to learn how to display your fundraising goal, donation results, donor names and messages in real-time to increase participation.

  1. Set up your Text to Donate Keyword and Donation form. To see this process, click here.
  2. Customize the Event Thermometer to match your event. To see this process, click here.
  3. Display your Live Event Fundraising Thermometer. For assistance and tips, click here.
  4. During the event you can engage donors with the thermometer with:
    • Call to Action Scripts (samples), here.
    • Table Tent Artwork, here.
    • PowerPoint instructions to display, here.

Note: All participants that do not fulfill their pledge receive three reminder texts. These reminders dramatically increase pledge fulfillment.

Planning on using a credit card swiper at your event?

Before you can order a credit card swiper, you have to be approved for a Merchant Account.
  1. Fill out your application.
  2. Email us a picture of a voided check. A scan or picture will work. Send it to
Need help? Call (888) 661-8804 and select option 2 or email