Rich Text Editor

In most of the areas where you can edit text in your GiveSmart Fundraise account, you may have the option to use the Rich Text editor so that you can format the text, add images and/or video, add custom elements, change the text color and more. Possibly the two most common usages of the Rich Text Editor is to personalize the Thank You page after someone submits their donation and the email receipt.

Note: If you do not have the Rich Text Editor enabled on your account, you will only see a plain box for your text entry areas. If you would like to enable the Rich Text Editor, please contact GiveSmart Fundraise Support, so they can check your account and enable this feature.
Warning! If you have enabled any special CSS scripting in your forms, when you enable Rich Text Editor, this will wipe out any of the special scripts.

Situations where the CSS is required, such as if you have a legal requirement to remove the Social Share options on your Thank You pages, then you will not currently be able to use Rich Text Editor in your account.

Thank You Editor

Most of the functionality of the Rich Text Editor is standard Text Formatting. You can resize the text, change the font, make it bold, italic, how it looks on the page, create lists, etc.

This document will go through the other settings, that may not as familiar to you, or need more explanation:

Insert Edit Link IconInsert/Edit Link

Add a web link (URL) to the page that your supporters can go to. (More information below)

Print IconPrint

This will print just what you are editing in the Rich Text Editor, this does not print a final page with the other elements on the page (such as the rest of the thank you page or the receipt).

Preview IconPreview

This will show in a new window just what you are editing in the Rich Text Editor, this does not preview a final page with the other elements on the page (such as the rest of the thank you page or the receipt).

Source code IconSource code

This will change the view from the Rich Text to source code (HTML).  If you wish to add fancier HTML elements to your section, you can design it in your favorite web page designer and copy/paste the code into the Rich Text Editor.  Please note that the editor does not support all HTML elements, so you will need to test and view your pasted code both with the Rich Text Editor preview mode AND a preview of the actual page, whether it is a form, the Thank You page, the receipt, etc.

Insert Edit Image IconInsert/Edit Image

Add images to your page. Please note that inserting an image this way requires you to have the image already hosted on the web. (More information below)

Insert Edit Media IconInsert/Edit Media

Add/embed videos to your page. This feature is not usable with the email receipt. (More information below)

Insert Field IconInsert Field

Personalize your email receipt with any variables in the form, such as adding the donor's name, ticket information, t-shirt size, etc. (More information below)

Insert/Edit Link


Insert/Edit Image


Insert/Edit Media


Insert Field