Why only 134 Characters for my text message?

The original standard texting system is known as Short Message Service or SMS. The SMS format allows for a maximum of 160 characters to be sent to a mobile number that is able to accept text messages. This format is generally synonymous with the term "text messaging" and is a nearly universal format. Because of this, GiveSmart Fundraise uses the SMS format to reach the greatest number of your supporters.

The 134 character limit is based on the SMS limit of 160 characters. We reserve the other 26 characters for the required message components like "Text STOP to Unsubscribe."

There are other texting standards that are not as widespread as SMS. They may allow you to send more text, pictures and videos, etc. but are not on virtually every phone. So we use SMS to reach the widest range of phones across most, if not all, phone carriers. Various devices will also use part of the phone account's data plan to send longer messages. They appear seamless, using the same messaging apps, but are not sent using the actual SMS format.

If you are running out of space, you can consider the Long-form Text message with 280 characters, which sends two SMS texts at once, that most phones will stitch together into a longer message. For more information, click here.