How can I add an option to let my donors cover the Charge Processing Fee?

You can choose to present your donors the option to cover the credit card charge Processing Fee, when they donate. They do this by adding the appropriate amount to their donation to offset the fee charge.

For more information on how processing fees are charged to the organization, click here.

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As a GiveSmart Fundraise Administrator, you can set this in Shared Settings for all your forms, by going to Settings > Shared Settings.

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Enable the Charge Processing Fee. Then you can change what it will say on the form in the Processing Fee Text and choose the proper Processing Fee Percentage.  You can also choose whether to have the processing fee checked by default or not, giving your donor the option to opt-in or opt-out of paying the processing fee.

The Processing Fee Percentage defaults to 3.5%. Depending on your agreement for your GiveSmart Fundraise Merchant Services, you may wish to adjust this number. If you are using another Merchant Services Provider to process your donations, you can change the percentage to match their fee percentage.

Settings - Shared Settings - Processing Fees

You can also Enable and Disable and modify the option directly in your Online Form in the Payment Information section.

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