What is the best practice for a mobile fundraising call to action in print and online?

When promoting your mobile fundraising keyword in print or online advertisements, the exact phrasing is up to you. But best practice is that it include the following:

1) The short code - For mobile fundraising, it will be 41444 or 91999. The short code is like the phone number. This is what donors put in the "To:" line when composing a new text message.

2) The keyword - This is the first word in a text message that the donor will send. Best practice is that it be short and easy to spell so that auto-correct doesn't change it to something else. Single words are best, and avoid numbers if possible.

3) "Give" or "Donate" - Your fulfillment rate will improve if you make it clear that you're asking them to text in to make a donation -- not just to show their support or join a list. Including the word "donate" or "give" helps with this. Fundraising allows people to donate any amount, so one suggestion is to say, "Text [KEYWORD] to [SHORTCODE] to give any amount."

4) Credit or debit card - Letting people know that the donation uses a credit or debit card will help with fulfillment as well. If they know that they will have to give their card information, they will be more likely to not click away when presented with the full donation form.

5) Amount and name/message - This is optional. If you are going to be showing the thermometer, you will want to include both of these. If not, you do not need to include name/message.

6) Donation form link - Those seeing your online call to action on a non-mobile device, such as a desktop or laptop computer, may have an easier time by clicking directly to the donation form, rather than searching for their phone and texting in. For print, use a shorter link that is easy to remember and type, such as yourwebsite.org/donate or one of our short URLs, igfn.us/example.

Some examples

"To donate any amount by credit or debit card, text KEYWORD with your amount and name to 41444."

"Text KEYWORD to 41444 or visit igfn.us/example to donate any amount with your credit/debit card."

  • Be sure to display the call to action prominently and clearly. People shouldn't have to hunt for how to give, it should pop out at them. 
  • The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times more than text, so using an image or images with strong storytelling is what will compel people to give - the call to action then gives a way to capture that impulse to give.
  • Visuals can also help with the call to action.