Mobile Experience

Once donors open a new text message on their phone and text the keyword to the appropriate shortcode (for Fundraising keywords, 41444 or 91999), they immediately receive an automated response with a link to complete the donation.

When they click the link, they are redirected to your donation form.

After the donation form is completed they are directed to the confirmation page.

When you are editing your form, on the left column in Mobile Experience will show how your donors experience the entire text to donate process:

Change Keyword Reply Link

To change the keyword reply link that appears when a donor texts in the keyword, select an activity, then click Mobile Experience from the left navigation. 

Here you can choose from any forms or the activity landing page under that keyword.  

NOTE: If the Activity Landing Page is selected, pledges will not be created that send the fulfillment reminders.  In order for a pledge to be accepted, the link must direct to an Online Form.