Activity Landing Page Keyword Section

This article will guide you through what you can do with this section of designing and working with the Activity Landing Page, (formerly Event Page). If you are just starting in designing your Activity Landing page, you will likely want to start here.

The Keyword section of the Activity Landing Page simply provides the Keyword and Shortcode to reach the activity. This is essentially a section to get the Keyword into the minds of your supporters so when they speak to others about your event, they can quickly remember a way to reach you.

Keyword Example

To review good Keyword strategies,  click here.

Keyword Section

Display Section

If you decide not to use the Keyword section, you can hide it with the Show/Hide switch or delete it with the Trashcan icon. When you click on the Trashcan, it will give you a chance to cancel before deleting the section.

Note: If you are unsure if you want to use the Keyword section or not, just hide it. There is no way to recover or recreate it in this activity once it has been deleted.


By default, the text in this section will say "Text [keyword] to [shortcode]" and included the small text "Msg & data rates may apply." Usually you will just want to leave this as is, but you can change the text if you like.

Note: The "Msg & data rates may apply" line is linked to the keyword variable. If you remove the keyword, it automatically removes the data rates line. Add the keyword back and it will automatically return.
Be aware that the color of the Keyword and the Shortcode defaults to your Activity Landing Page's Brand Color set in the Logo & Branding section. If you change this, unless it is one of the 16 standard colors that you can use for text, you will not be able to revert to the original brand color.

Background Color

The Background color for the Keyword section is a dark grey for the Dark Theme and white with the Light Theme.

To change the Background Color, enter a color's hexadecimal code or click on the color square and pick the color of your choice using the wheel and square.

Background Color