Activity Keywords

When you create many different forms within several campaigns and activities, it can be difficult to remember the keyword.  Maybe you want to see which of your activities is doing the best. Or you just want a quick list of your keywords. With the Activity Keywords report, you can easily navigate through your various keywords in use.

Activity Keywords

Accessing Activity Keywords

To get to the Activity Keywords report, in the left menu, click on Activity Keywords.

Reporting - Activity Keywords


The Status section allows you to filter your keyword list by whether it is active or not. The default is Active

The status section automatically filters your list of keywords when you click on any of the buttons.

  • All: This will show both active and inactive keywords in your list
  • Active: This default selection will show only those keywords you have in use in your account. It hides the inactive keywords.
  • Inactive: When you no longer need a form, you can change the status to Inactive as described in the process here. Selecting this status will only show you the inactive keywords.


This section allows you to sort the list of keywords quickly in different ways, so you can quickly determine which is the best performing (Highest Donations) keyword or what was the last keyword created in your account (Newest), or help find the name of a keyword you can't quite remember (Name A-Z). The default sort is by the Newest keyword.

The sort section automatically filters your list of keywords when you click on any of the buttons.

  • Highest Donations: This changes the order of the keywords to show the one with the most donations at the top of your list. It uses the Collected column as the search criteria.
  • Lowest Donations: The reverse of Highest Donations, showing the keyword with the least collected amount at the top of the list.
  • Newest: This sorts by the most recently created keyword/form you have created. 
  • Oldest: This sorts by the first keyword created in your GiveSmart Fundraise account to the most recent at the bottom.
  • Name A-Z: This puts the list of keywords in alphabetical order.
  • Name Z-A: This puts the list of keywords in reverse alphabetical order.


The Filters section allows you to narrow your list in different ways. Maybe you remember the keyword but forgot which campaign it was in, or you just want the Crowdfunding keywords in a specific campaign, you can set these options in Filters.

Unlike the Status and Sort sections above, you much click on Search before your Filtered list will appear. If you filter your list, you can click on the Sort at Status buttons to further organize your desired list of keywords.

  • Keyword: This allows you to search for a specific keyword. You can search by just part of the keyword and it will find your keywords with that string.
  • Campaign: This allows you to filter by the campaign. It is a typed search field, so you can enter as much or as little of a campaign name as you like. This will allow you to not just find a specific campaign, but groups of similar campaigns.

    For example: You want to see the campaigns you have designated with "2022." Enter 2022 in the Campaign search and you will find your three different campaigns: February Gala 2022, Run/Walk 2022, and Year-End Giving 2022.

  • Select Existing Type: This allows you to filter the type of activity: Auction, Crowdfunding, Subscriptions (SMS or Texting Subscription keywords), and "Fundraising" which encompasses everything not in the other types, so the payment and non-payment type forms.
  • Search: Make sure to click search once you've set your Keyword, Campaign, and Type information.
  • Clear: This resets everything: Filters as well as Status and Sort options.


Sometimes you just need a quick executive-level view of your campaign or account or however you have filtered and sorted your list.

Click on the Export button for a one-click report of your list as it is presented on the screen. It will download as a CSV file labeled npo_keywords_report_ followed by the date and time of the request to export.  Bringing it into a spreadsheet program will show you the same details as on the screen:

Export Example Spreadsheet

Working with the Keywords

Activity Keywords

Once you have your list of keywords, you can click on the name (keyword) of the form to go straight to editing the form, just like you can from anywhere else.

You can also click on the Actions menu and go to the public form, the thermometer, and more:

Keyword Action Menu

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Non-Payment FormsCrowdfunding ActivitiesSubscriptions
Text to Donate, Corporate Sponsorships, Ticketing, etc.Volunteer Sign-ups, Petitions, etc.
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