Promotional Codes

When you want to give your supporters a discount for purchasing their tickets, you can offer them a promotional code.

Please note that Promotional Codes only work with Ticket and Item Form Elements. It does not work with the Calculated or any other Form Element to prevent any possible issues with accidentally "discounting" a donation.

To create a code, select Utilities from the left navigation, and choose Promotional Codes from the dropdown. 

If you have not created any codes, click Create New to get started.

  • Code: Your code can be anything you like. (Numbers and letters only).  The code will automatically display in uppercase, though entering it is not case sensitive.
  • Discount: The Discount itself can be either a percentage OR a specific dollar amount. If you want to offer some supporters a percentage and others a straight dollar amount, simply create multiple codes.
  • Quantity: If you want to limit the number of discounts you wish to give, enter a number here. When that number has been reached, the code will no longer work for your supporters. You can reset it to Unlimited by clicking Unlimited under the box.
  • Save your code and it will be ready to go in your new activity.

Create Code

If you want to modify a code click on the Actions menu (the ...) and select Edit.

Action Edit

Now, when you create a Ticketing activity, there will be an additional section to select, Promotional Codes.

Promotional Codes Section

By default, the Promotional Codes will be enabled as indicated by the Show/Hide switch to the right, but you will also show 0 active codes.  To add any of your promotional codes to this activity, you need to click on the Edit button.

Edit Promo Code

Search for and select the code or codes you wish to include and select Save.

Now your Codes are active and running on your activity!

The supporter will now see a line under the payment information section on the form that they can tap or click to enter the promo code.

Promo Code Example

When they redeem their code, it will show the amount or percentage discounted, the original cost crossed out and the new cost with the amount saved by using the promotional code.

Promo Code Example Redeemed

If you limited the number of usable codes, then when they have all been used, and a supporter tries to use it, they will receive the following message.

Promo Code Example Used