How will fees be charged if I have a merchant account?

Your monthly processing fee for money collected in the previous month's collection period is automatically withdrawn from the linked bank account once per month, between the 2nd and 5th (depending on weekends or holidays). If donations were also collected on the day that fees are pulled, then your deposit will be net your donations minus fees.

The Funding report breakdown in your Merchant Account portal will show you the details of what is included in each deposit as well as any fees that may have been charged. Below is a screenshot of that breakdown page once you select a specific day.

Merchant Fees

If you know that you have a restrictive bank account and are worried about those changes going through properly, the merchant account ACH ID should be added to the account. If you take the ID to your bank, the code can be added to the account to avoid any rejects.

For more answers about merchant services, review the Frequently Asked Questions.