Fundraiser Account Settings

As an Administrator of your GiveSmart Fundraise account, under Settings, the Fundraisers section allows you to view and control all your fundraisers from any and all your Crowdfunding activities.

Setup & Settings - SettingsSettings Menu - Fundraiser section

From this Settings section, you can review your fundraisers' information across campaigns, such as their email addresses, mobile numbers, keywords, and teams.

Fundraisers settings main page

You can also create a new fundraiser, log in as a fundraiser, resend the fundraiser's Welcome Email, or delete the fundraiser.

Create a new fundraiser

Usually, you will have your fundraisers create their own accounts by following the material here. But you can also set up individual fundraisers as an Administrator, too.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Fundraisers on the left
  • Click on the New Fundraiser button in the upper left

This will take you to the page to allow you to enter the fundraiser's email address, name, goal, and which keyword (Crowdfunding activity) you are assigning to them.

Create New Fundraiser screen

  • If you leave a check in Notify Fundraiser, they will be emailed their details to share and log into their account themselves.
  • Make sure to click Create Fundraiser to save.

Log in as a fundraiser

There are times you may want to log in as the fundraiser to maybe check a setting that is not working from the Crowdfunding admin page.
For example, they are speaking to you about how they want to change something, but forgot how to do it. You can log into your GiveSmart Fundraise account,and log in as them to give them a quick video how to or check their settings, etc.
This will log out of your GiveSmart Fundraise admin account, and immediately log in as that specific fundraiser.
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Fundraisers on the left
  • Choose the door icon, Login this fundraiser to enter their view of their account.
    Fundraisers settings - Log in as user icon (with pointer)
  • You will get a warning screen to let you know this will log you out of your account to log into the volunteer fundraiser's account.
    Log Out - Warning Dialog

Resend the fundraiser's Welcome Email (Resend Fundraiser Confirmation)

The fundraiser may have lost their Welcome email, you can resent it to them. This email will have all their details to log in, their keyword, their social shares, etc. as shown at the bottom of the page on this link.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Fundraisers on the left
  • Under Actions to the right of the fundraiser, you can click on the envelope icon to Resend fundraiser email
    Fundraisers settings -Email user icon (with pointer)
  • When you click the icon, it will give you an alert message to confirm that you want to Resend fundraiser email.
    Resend Email - Warning Dialog

Delete the fundraiser

If you want to delete a fundraiser's account for any reason, you can do that in the Fundraiser settings, too.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Fundraisers on the left
  • Under Actions to the right of the fundraiser, you can click on the trashcan icon to Delete this fundraiser.

    Fundraisers settings -Delete user icon (with pointer)

  • You will get a confirmation warning pop up to make sure you actually want to delete them.
    Delete the Fundraiser - Warning Dialog
Any funds that this fundraiser has raised will stay with your account under the general funds raised in the Crowdfunding activity. Donor information will also stay in your account.