Logo and Branding Section (Membership)

Designing any form in an activity starts with the Logo and Branding section. This section allows you to personalize the overall look of your forms at the form level. It will inherit the settings and images from Shared Settings and/or the Campaign Settings if they are different, but you can personalize it at the form level too.

If you ever wish to revert back to the Campaign settings, you can click the Use default settings link that will appear once you change any setting.

If you are wanting to change an existing form’s Logo and Branding settings, start with the Online Forms category on the left, and if you have multiple forms within the activity, select the correct form from the table at the top of the page.

Logo and Branding

Upload campaign logo or image - Here you will upload your activity's logo for the header of your form. You may choose to either show or hide the logo all together using the switch to the right.

We recommend that your logo dimensions are 500 x 85 pixels for the best formatting. For more information about image sizes and requirements, click here.

Background Image - This is a picture that should represent the activity. It will not appear on the mobile version of the form, because the mobile version has the form filling the entire screen.  The background image will appear on the Desktop, Tablet and Embedded versions of the form. The full page version (desktop) will show the entire image where the Tablet and Embedded versions will show only part of it.

We recommend that the background image is 1920 x 1080 pixels for the best formatting.

You also have three choices in which to change the alignment/formatting of the background image:

  • Full - Takes the image and stretches it to fit the size of the screen. If you are using a smaller than recommended image, this option likely will produce a stretched out image to fit the screen.
  • Tile - Tiles the image multiple times both vertically and horizontally, filling your entire screen with copies of the one image.
  • Repeating - Tiles the image only horizontally along the top of the page. You may consider adding a background color to complement the tiled image.

Form Alignment - If the focus of your background image is in the center of the image, the form itself may cover your image. You can move the form to be displayed on the Left, Center, or Right so you can have the best impact with your background image.

Button Color - This is the color of the submit button at the bottom of your form, the donate buttons and the base color for links and highlights throughout your form. It can be entered either as a hexadecimal code or by clicking on the color square and picking the color of your choice using the wheel.

Background Color - This will be the color of the background of your form if you choose not to upload a background image.

We recommend you consider a complementary background color, even if you use a background image: If your supporter is on a slow internet connection, the background color will appear while it downloads the background image.