Contact Information Section

Collect your supporter's information with the Contact Information section.

Contact Information

Section Heading - This is where you can change the wording of the section header that is displayed above the corresponding section on your donation form. You can also leave it blank if you don't want the line to show.

Contact Information Fields - Here you can independently configure personal information fields. You can:

  • Hide the field with the Show/Hide switch if you don't need to collect that information.
  • Make the field Required by clicking the checkbox.
  • Edit the name of the field by clicking the Edit (Pencil) button.

As a best practice, we recommend hiding as many fields as possible to shorten the donation process and increase completed pledges. There is also no need to record mobile number since our system does that automatically. GiveSmart Fundraise does not need any personal info to process donation payments other than credit/debit card alone.

NOTE: If some fields like email and phone number that have functionality built into them (ie. send an email/text receipt to the donor) and you remove or hide these, then a donor can potentially not receive their receipt or a confirmation of donation.

Country: The options will change depending on which Merchant Account you have. Authnet and Braintree will only show United States where CardConnect, CyberSource, or iATS will show additional countries.