Text Analytics

With the Enhanced Text Message Package, you can add links from your GiveSmart Fundraise activities directly to your text messages. Adding links this way will also allow you to view Text Analytics from those texts so you can see how your Texting Campaign is received. You can see how many people clicked on the link, how many submitted their information to the form, and if it is a payment form (like a Text to Donate form). You can also see how much was raised from that text.

Note: The Enhanced Text Messaging capabilities are not in every package. For more about this package and to upgrade, please contact Services.

Go to Message Center > Text

Message Center > Text

Type your message as you normally would. Select where you would like to add the link to your form and click on the link icon.

Insert Form Link

In the Insert Form Link drop-down menu, scroll through your forms and select the appropriate form you wish to use for this text message, and click Insert.

Insert Form Link DropdownInsert Contact Info Window

The specialized form link with the analytics tracking inserted is now added to your text. Complete your message as normal. For more on sending a text message, click here.

Complete Text

Now, when your message sends, you will start to receive analytics, in real-time, as shown in the Outbox.

Text Analytics

It will show you the:

  • Form Title you have entered on the Online Form page as a link that you can visit.
  • Click-through rate. This is presented in both actual numbers and percentages against total messages sent. This shows how many people clicked on the link provided in the text.
  • Conversion rate. This is presented in both actual numbers and percentages against the number of links opened (the click-through rate). This shows how many of those who clicked the link in the text then submitted the form associated with the link.
  • Collected: This is presented in dollar amounts. If your form in the link in your text is a payment form, such as a text to donate or a ticketing form, then the total money collected because of this link will show here. If the form is not a payment form, such as a survey, then it will just show a dash.