How to make the form logo bigger

The default displayed image size for the logo at the top of your forms is a maximum of 470 x 100 pixels. Anything larger than this will be reduced to fit these dimensions. For more on image sizes, click here.

But you want a bigger image for the top of your form! How can you make it bigger so your supporters have a bigger, visual impact when they go to your form?

The process is as simple as hiding your logo on your form and adding a new section with a Custom Image at the top of your form.

Original Logo to Custom Logo

Hide Existing Logo

From your form, the first thing you will want to do is hide the existing logo in the Logo and Branding section at the top. This switch only controls the logo at the top of your form. Since you will be replacing it, you want to hide it.

Show/Hide Logo

Add a new Section

  1. Above Logo and Branding, you will want to click on Manage Section and choose Add Custom Section.
    Button - Manage Sections
  2. Title your new section something you will recognize, such as Full Size Logo.
    Add Custom Section - For Logo
  3. Highlight <Your New Section> and click the Up button to move it to the top of the list of sections.
    Add Custom Section - Top
  4. Click Save at the bottom right and you should now see a new section with your title directly below Logo and Branding.
    Add Move Section - Section Revealed

Add a new logo

  1. In the new section, delete the Section Heading text.
    • Since this will become your new logo on your form, you don't need a title to it.
  2. Click Add Form Element and choose Image from the list.
    Add Form Element
  3. Give your Image a title (for reference only) and Upload your image.
    Add Form Element - Image
    For the best quality, the image should be 500 pixels wide. It can theoretically be any length, but remember that a shorter form is generally better.
  4. You can crop your image by dragging the squares around the edge of the image, or Use Original to show the full image.
    Add Custom Field - Crop Image

Done! Your larger image is now the top logo for your form.

Custom LogoCustom Logo Desktop