Configure receipts for donors' tax deductible donations

You can configure the receipts that go to your supporters in several ways. You can define a default template for all your receipts, regardless of Activity type (e.g. Text to Donate, Survey, Volunteer Signup, etc.) in the Account Settings. Then within each form within each Activity you can personalize it to fit that Activity.

Account-wide Receipt Configuration

Click on the Settings icon, then on Receipts and Notifications.

Settings Icon

This version of the receipt should be a more generic design as it will be the template for all your receipts. Make the Receipt Message something that could apply to virtually any setting, like "Thank you for your support to [your organization."

By adding the other items in your receipt here means you don't have to concern yourself with them at the form level:

  • Contact Email - this is the email address the receipt will send from, and where your supporters can reply to if needed.
  • Email Subject Line - Like the Receipt Message, keep this generic so it can apply to any type of activity, like "Thank you for your support."
  • Contact Phone - if you include this, it will be included in the email so your supporters can reach you by phone. If you would prefer not to get phone calls, leave it blank.
  • Include Tax Info - You have the option to turn on or off official tax-deductible donation receipts that are sent via email. If you would prefer to not send donation receipts to your donors, switch this to hide.
  • Compliance Message - this is automatically generated and should include your organization's name. It is always a good idea to verify the information here.
  • Click Preview PDF Attachment to download a sample of the receipt the donor will receive for their records.

Receipt Configuration

The Notifications Section allows you to configure the emails that will be sent to people in your organization to alert them that someone has completed a form. For more information on setting up these Notifications, click here.

Activity-Specific Receipt Configuration

Often different receipt language is needed from one activity to another. You can personalize receipts for individual activities so that you can sell goods or services on one form while sending tax-deductible receipts on others. To change activity-level receipts:

  1. Go into the activity you wish to edit the receipt. Likely you will do this by going into the corresponding Campaign tile, then clicking on the activity's name or keyword.
  2. Click on Online Form in the left column.
  3. Inside the Receipts and Notifications section, click on Edit Email.
    Receipts and Notifications
  4. Make the desired changes.
    • This will look exactly like the setup in the Account settings, except here you can use the Rich Text Editor to format your message with links, images, colors, etc.
      Edit Email Receipt
    • You can also Personalize the message with any information collected from the form - except payment information - by clicking on Personalize. Add a generic phrase for that item if the donor did not fill in that section.
      Personalize Email Receipt
  5. Click Save at the bottom.

What does the receipt email look like?

Donor Receipt Email

What about the PDF Receipt?

Donor Receipt PDF