Reconcile GiveSmart Fundraise Transactions in the Merchant Center

Revenue paid by credit card that was generated in the GiveSmart Fundraise module can be reconciled by reviewing both the transaction report within in GiveSmart Fundraise and the Merchant Center in CardPointe.  

GiveSmart Fundraise Report

In order to reconcile the transactions you'll need to view or export the list of transactions within GiveSmart Fundraise and add the fields Billing Transaction and Billing Transaction Reference to the report.  

  • From the left navigation, select Existing Reporting > Search Transactions
  • Filter the report and click Search
  • Select Manage Columns
  • Include 2 additional columns: Billing Transaction & Billing Transaction Reference
  • Once added, click Save and Apply
  • This filtered information can now be reviewed in platform or exported by clicking Export 

Merchant Center Review

To reconcile the credit card transaction you'll need to open the Merchant Center in CardPointe. 

  • Access the Merchant Center by logging in here:
  • Once logged in, select Reporting > Transactions
  • You will now need to reference the Billing Transaction or Billing Transaction Reference from the GiveSmart Fundraise transaction report to locate the transaction in the Merchant Center
    • Billing Transaction = Transaction #
    • Billing Transaction Reference = Auth Code
  • Enter the Transaction # (Billing Transaction) into the Search field to locate the transaction and review the status