Donation and Event Activities Training

The GiveSmart Fundraise Fundamentals series of training sessions take you through the most common usage of a GiveSmart Fundraise account, through four different sessions. After every session, you can take a quick quiz to challenge your skills. For more on the certification classes/recordings, click here.

The Donation and Event Activities course will take you through the design process of the most common activity in GiveSmart Fundraise, the Text to Donate activity, and show you how you can apply that knowledge to personalizing your other forms.


  • Setting Up a Keyword
  • Online Form Design / Personalization
  • Confirmation Page
  • Fulfillment (Pledge Reminder) Options
  • Fundraising Thermometer / Donor Wall
  • Offline Donations
  • Managing Pledges

Donation and Event Activities Class

Please note that the user interface has recently changed within GiveSmart Fundraise and the initial menuing will be different from what is currently in the video. Once past the initial navigation steps, the rest of the material should still be viable.

For more information, review the enhanced navigation here.

We will update the video to reflect this change as soon as possible.

Donation and Event Activities Quiz

Test your knowledge with the Quiz

Further Study

  • Read all about Texting in the Text to Donate section in the Fundraising category in the Knowledge Center.
  • Watch the other Fundamental level classes here.