Dynamic Actions Example - Checkbox

This is an example build using Dynamic Actions, when you want to include an option for your supporter to choose whether to make this donation in honor of someone (or in memory of, etc.).  It relies on a checkbox for creating the choice in the Dynamic Action.  For more examples and a general overview of Dynamic Actions, click here.
Dynamic Checkbox Example

Add a separate Section if desired. Otherwise, open the section within your form where you want to place the form elements. For more information on adding sections, click here.

Add the Checkbox Form Element

Dynamic Select Element

  • Click Add Form Element
  • Click Checkbox
  • Provide a Display Label
    • This is what will actually be seen on the form for your supporters to read.
    • Example: Is this gift in honor of a person?
  • Provide a Report Label if desired
    • This may be useful if the Display label is long, both for reporting and general usage
    • Example: Honor
  • Select the Default Status for the checkbox, either Checked or Unchecked.
    • If the main focus is for honoring people, such as graduates, then checked may be a better choice to start
    • If the option is just an additional nice function you wish to add, then unchecked may be a better choice to start.
  • Click Save.

Dynamic Check Setup

Add the Short Answer Form Element(s)

  • Click Add Form Element
  • Click Short Answer
  • Provide a Display Label
    • Example: Honoree Name
  • Provide a Report Label if desired
  • Click Save
  • Repeat for extra information to collect, like the Honoree's email address.
    • Depending on what and why you want to collect the information, you may want to do this with a Long Answer Form Element, so your donor has more room to write their Dedication, Memory, etc. 

Dynamic Elements Ready

When you have everything ready, all the elements will initially be visible on your form. Now it is time to Show/Hide specific elements with Dynamic Actions in the Checkbox element.

Dynamic Pre

Click on the Dynamic Action icon to the right of the Checkbox line.

Dynamic Actions

It will open the Dynamic Action window with the "sentence" you need to complete to activate the Dynamic Action.

When [the Reporting Label] is [Checked/Unchecked] show [Short Answer/Long Answer Elements]

Click on the Select Value drop down.

Choose Checked.

Dynamic Actions - Select Value Checkbox

Click the 0 Element Selected dropdown

Select the Short and/or Long Form Elements created above.


Note: the Element Selected dropdown will show you all your added Form Elements across all the different Sections. This could allow you to significantly change the look and feel of your form by showing different images and videos, text and choices depending on which dynamic actions your supporter takes.

Dynamic Actions Select Elements Checkbox

If you need to start over, you can click Reset Action.

When everything is ready, click Save.

The elements that are included in a Dynamic Action will now be noted in your form design.

Dynamic Element Indicators

Your form will now hide those elements until the conditions of the dynamic element are matched.

Dynamic Not SelectedDynamic Selected