Campaign Activity Actions

From within your Campaign, by clicking on your Campaign tile, you can view all activities and forms within the campaign.

Interaction through Action Menus

The Action Menus are context sensitive, so you will have different options available depending on activity and form types.

Crowdfunding Action Menu
If you want to run a report on the Activity or form, you can do so directly, by choosing View Transactions.

If you want to see a list of constituents who have texted the Keyword, choose View Audience.

Otherwise, depending on the type, you will be able to edit the Keyword/Setup information, Preview forms, Edit forms and interact with the forms, like entering an Offline Donation.

Interacting through the Form View

Form Interaction

This functionality is available if you have the Advanced package.

If you want to send a text message using the Enhanced Text Messaging special link to get analytics, you can click on Send Message to immediately initiate a text Message that will populate the Campaign and the trackable link.

To see the Activity's Mobile Experience and change which form you want the Keyword to link to, you can click on Setup Keyword Reply.