Add Item Element

The Item element provides a way for you to support easy ordering or purchasing of non-ticket items. Supporters can order or buy items by selecting the number of items they want. This functionality is great for selling memberships, sponsorships, taking t-shirt orders, ordering pies for the bake sale, and more.

Note: This element was designed from the Ticketing activity's Ticketing Element. The Ticketing element is much more robust, so do not use the Item element for any kind of tickets.  If you want easy ticketing functionality, including automatically generated tickets with QR Codes for quick check-in procedures and more, check out the articles on the Ticketing activity here.

Item Example

To add an Item element, you may want to add it to its own Section, as outlined here.

When you're ready to add the Item element, select it from the Add Form Element button in (any of) the Sections.

Add Form Element

You will be presented with the Add Form Element - Item design page.

Item Labels

Display Label

The Display Label is the description of the Item element on the form for your supporters to select / instructions for them to follow.

Reporting Label

Because the Display Label may be a longer description, it might be a good idea to have a separate, simpler Reporting Label.

  • Click edit in the Reporting Label line and it will open with the Display Label's text for the default Reporting Label.
  • You can use this or change it as desired.


A required piece of the Item element is the price. Set the price of this item here. If you want to make the item to be free, you can click Set to Free.

Fair Market Value (FMV)

Set the Fair Market Value for each item here. It is the amount that someone would pay in a fair market (i.e., outside of the context of supporting your organization). The difference between an item's price and FMV is the Tax-Deductible Amount. All three values are displayed on the receipt. FMV is optional but recommended. If the item was set to Free, an FMV is not available.


Where the Display Label could be just the name of the item, the description can provide more details about the item you are selling.

Item Thumbnail Before

Upload an image of the Item for it to appear on the screen. The Recommended size of this image is 80px by 80px so it will not be a large file loading on the page. It will only appear at the 80x80px size no matter what size image you upload.

Item Thumbnail After


You can restrict the number of items you have to sell (Limit Item Capacity) as well as the number of items that can be purchased at a time (Set Purchase Limit).

For example, you have a total of 20 large T-Shirts to sell. You don't want people to order more than you have to sell, so you can set the Capacity to be 20. Also, you don't want anyone to purchase more than 2 T-Shirts at a time, to allow more people to have access to them, so you can set the Purchase limit to 2.

Item Limits

Limit Item Capacity

  • Enable the Limit Item Capacity with the switch on the right
  • Set the number of items you have to sell in the Max Items.

When this number is reached, no more of the item will be allowed to be sold. The plus (+) button will dim, not allowing more to be added to the order.

Set Purchase Limit

  • Enable the Set Purchase Limit with the switch on the right
  • Set the maximum number of items you want to be included in any single transaction in the Max Items box
  • Add/Edit the label that will appear on the form in Max Items Label to let the buyer know they can only purchase that many of the item. If you don't add anything here it will default to saying [max] Item Limit.

When this number is reached, no more of the item will be allowed to be sold in this transaction. The plus (+) button will dim, not allowing more to be added to the order.

Make sure to click Save to complete your Item element and your new Item is ready for purchase on your form.

Item Element Complete

Note: Items set to FREE will always result in a value of $0, preventing them from working with a Calculated element or Dynamic Action.