Fundraising Page Design

The Fundraising Page is where you will customize the look and feel of the main fundraising page for your Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising activity. This is your organization's main page that your supporters will see before they donate, become a fundraiser or share your campaign.

Think of this page as the tree trunk and each individual fundraiser as the branches stemming off. This is where you will set certain stylistic options and images that your individual fundraisers cannot change, like background image and accent color.

This is the main page and the choices here (colors, images, layout) will cascade through the team and fundraiser pages  so that brand recognition stays the same across the board.

As you are personalize your page, the mobile version will show to the right. If you want to see what it looks like on larger screens, like on a PC, click on the Desktop  button above the mobile view or click on the Fundraiser Form in the lower left of the page.

What to Personalize:

Logo & Branding

  • Brand Logo
    • The logo will appear in the banner, so it is recommended to use one that has a transparent background so it blends into the banner.
  • Background Image
    • The image that is displayed in the background when viewed from a computer or other large screen device. It is suggested that the photo be 1920x1080px in size for best formatting.
    • The form is also slightly translucent, so a portion of the background image will show through on any device.
    • If you would like no background at all, you may also switch it from Show to Hide
  • Display Profile Pictures as
    • Your fundraisers can provide images for Profile Pictures when they sign up using the Sign Up Form. You can choose how those pictures will be displayed: As a Circle, as a Rounded square, or as a Thumbnail.
  • Accent Color
    • You can change the color of the thermometer and donation buttons, as well as the share button and links. This can be a specific hexadecimal color code, or can be easily selected by clicking on the color square and selecting your choice on the color wheel.
  • Background Color
    • If you do not choose a Background Image, or if the page takes long to load on slower connections, you can have something other than the default white appear on the form. This will only be displayed in the background when viewed from a computer or other large screen device.


The Banner refers to the bar across the top of the form in your Accent Color. This bar will always be visible as you scroll down the page. You have the option to Show or Hide each option and edit the content of each of the following:

  •  Banner Logo
    • This is the same as the Brand Logo in Logo & Branding
    • Note: it is a good idea to have a transparent solid color version of your logo so it blends into the accent color in the banner.
  • Banner Donate Button
    • When the regular Donate Button scrolls off the top of the page, a smaller Donate Button can appear in the banner.
    • You have the option to change the word from Donate to something else, with a 20 character limit.
  • Banner Text
    • By Default, it shows the Keyword and Shortcode
    • If your organization or campaign has a specific slogan, this is the perfect place to add it.
    • Note: While there is no limit to the length of what you can put in the Banner Text, if your message is longer than 37 characters, it will not show on the mobile version of the form.

Media Carousel

The Media Carousel allows you to showcase your Peer to Peer and Crowdfunding Campaign with both images and videos that will cycle through on your form. It will show arrows to tap or click and bubbles to navigate to a specific item in the carousel.

Note: If you have a video, it is not recommended to have more than the one item on the Carousel if you have it set to Autoscroll (see below). The video will continue to play as it cycles through the items on your carousel.
  • Text Above Carousel
    • By Default it will show your Organization's name as it is displayed in your GiveSmart Fundraise account. Click Edit Content to change it to whatever you like.
    • This is a single line of text that will not wrap.
    • It will show 36 characters on the mobile version of the form and 47 characters on the bigger screen version, before it starts to "fall off" the main form.
  • Carousel
    • Add Videos
      • Paste in the URL of the video and click the + button to add a video
      • Currently we support both Vimeo and Youtube videos
    • Upload Images
      • Click Upload and choose an image from your system to add to the carousel
    • Autoscroll
      • If you want the images to automatically cycle through each image or video, like a slide show, you will want to choose Yes for Autoscroll.
      • If you prefer to leave it to the visitor of the page to flip through the images and videos, choose No.
    • Autoscroll Interval (in milliseconds)
      • This lets you choose how long you want each image or video to display.
      • The default is 5000 milliseconds, or 5 seconds.
    • Wrap
      • Once the Carousel reaches the end, by default, it will start cycling through the images and videos again. You can turn this feature off or on.


The Goal section shows your numbers for the peer to peer and crowdfunding campaign.

  • Progress Bar

    • Like the Event thermometer, you can see a graphic representation of the amount you've raised toward your goal.
    • You can show or hide this entire item.
    • You can Edit it to:
      • Type: Right now the only "type" is the progress bar, but as we add new templates, there will be more options
      • Show Goal: If you want to show the amount of the goal.
      • Show Total Raised: If you want to show how close you are to your goal or if you've exceeded it
      • Color: This changes both the color of the Progress bar itself and the text discussing it (Raised and Goal)
  • Donor Count
    • This will display the current number of donors.
    • You can show or hide this value.
  • Fundraiser Count
    • This displays the number of people who are fundraising for you.
    • You can show or hide this value.


  • Donate Button
    • This button will take a visitor to your donation form for your peer to peer and crowdfunding campaign.
    • You can change the text of the button from "Make a Donation" to anything you like with a maximum length of 20 characters.
  • Fundraiser Button
    • This button will take a visitor to your Sign-up Form to become a Fundraiser.
    • You can show or hide this value.
    • You can change the text of the button from "Become a Fundraiser" to anything you like with a maximum length of 20 characters.

Tab Sections

The Tab Sections refer to the webpage tabs below the carousel and action items on the large screen version of the form and collapsible sections at the bottom of the mobile version of the form. All of the Tab sections, except the Impact tab, can be turned off or on and renamed. You can also choose which tab you want displayed as the default.

  • Impact Tab
    • Here you would explain to the donor exactly what you are fundraising for and why they should support your campaign. An Impact will always be shown, but the individual has the ability to modify their own personal message from the one you entered initially.
      • The Main Text section in the form designer allows you to modify the top portion of the "Impact" tab.
      • Organization Summary lets you summarize the goal and mission statement of your organization so that donors know more about who they are contributing to. The Organization Summary section in the designer allows you to modify the bottom portion of the "Impact" tab.
  • Teams
    • If you are using teams, this allows visitors to the form to view and search for the teams.
  • Fundraisers
    • This will show individual fundraisers, their numbers, and their unique Keywords, with a button to go to their unique page in your campaign.
  • Donors
    • This will show who has donated to your cause. You have the option to show the amount they've donated or not.
  • Comments
    • This allows visitors, donors, supporters, fundraisers, etc. to discuss your campaign, using the Disqus commenting system.

Social Media

All the Social Media settings can be turned off or on. They are pre-populated with messages that include links to bring people back to this Fundraiser page. All the messages can be edited. The Social Media buttons show on the left side of the form on larger displays.

  • Facebook Sharing
    • Facebook also allows you to add an image to the post that can be uploaded in Edit content.
  • Twitter Sharing
  • Text Message Sharing
  • Email Sharing