Registration Using an RSVP Section

This article describes the specific settings to set up the Registration portion of a Registration activity. You will need to prepare the rest of the form using the Registration Activity Design article which includes key items to add to every Registration form.

This design of a Registration form uses an added RSVP section. While not as granular as a Ticketing activity, it can quickly and easily give you a headcount for your event and request the names of the attendees.

RSVP Animated. Example.gif

Add an RSVP Section

  1. Click Manage Sections in the upper left
  2. Click Add RSVP Section
    Manage Sections Menu - Add RSVP Section
  3. Use the Up/Down Arrows on the right to place it where you will want this section. Usually, you will want it at the top, so you will want to place it above the Contact Information section in a Non-Payment form or above the Suggested Donations section in a Payment form.
Non-Payment VersionPayment Version
Add RSVP Section - Non-Payment FormAdd RSVP Section - Payment Form

Edit your RSVP section

Open the section and you can show or hide the different parts, make them required and edit the text. You can also use the Trashcan icon if you decide not to use the RSVP section.

RSVP Section

Edit the button choices (RSVP Response)

You can only change the text of the different fields that will appear on the form. Even though there are the +/- buttons, they are disabled, so you will always have the Yes/Maybe/No responses 

RSVP Edit Radio Buttons

Edit Total Guests

You can edit the Display Label (defaults to "Total Guests) and the Subtext (defaults to "Including Yourself") but nothing else on in the Total Guests element.

Note: The Total Guests box will only appear when the registrant has selected the "Yes" or "I'm going" option. If they choose the Maybe or No, it will not appear.

RSVP Edit Total Guests

Edit Notes

You can change the Edit Notes section to be whatever you like, such as names of the people attending, or special requests, etc.  By default, it says "Notes to organizers."

Please note that this field is only 255 characters.

RSVP Edit Notes

The buttons on the mobile form will appear one on top of the other, where the buttons on the desktop view of the form will show the buttons side-by-side.

RSVP AnimatedMobile Example.gifRSVP Static Desktop Example