Reset Fundraising Thermometer

As a best practice, you've tested your Fundraising Thermometer to make sure it works as expected. You have also tested it at your event to make sure the cell coverage is good and everything will go perfectly. Or you've used the existing thermometer before, and just want to start fresh. How do you reset the thermometer?

Thermometer Example

  1. Go into your Activity
  2. Go into the Fundraising Thermometer (from the categories on the left)
    Fundraising Thermometer Category
  3. Go to the Shared Tab in the Thermometer designer (on the right)
    Shared Tab
  4. Click Clear Thermometer
    Clear Thermometer
  5. Select OK to complete the clearing of the thermometer.

When you do this, it will only clear the displayed donor wall and the amounts. Any pledged or fulfilled donations will not be touched in your GiveSmart Fundraise Account.

Also, it will retain the design of your thermometer, only the displayed data will be cleared.

If you cleared the Fundraising Thermometer in error, you can also select Undo to revert to showing your previous donors.

Thermometer Example Cleared