Ticketing Manage Guests

After you have created your Ticketing Activity, you can work with it by going into the Manage Guests.

Campaign Access

  • Go into your Campaign with your Ticketing Activity
  • On the Ticketing Form itself, click on the Action Menu on the right side of the screen.
  • Select Manage Guests.
    Manage Guests Menu

At the top of your Manage Guests screen, you will have metrics about your ticket sales.

Below the metrics, it will show you all the tickets that were purchased. There are several things you can do on this page:

  • Use the Action Menu in the upper right to work with checking in your guests.
  • Use the Action menu by each ticket line to work with that specific guest.
  • Filter and search for guests and guest (ticket) types
  • When you select one or more guests, you can export your guest list and send them texts.

Manage Guests Main Page

Manage Guests Action Menu

From this menu, you can jump over to the Check-In page and also email links to your volunteers, so they can check in guests without needing access to your GiveSmart Fundraise account.

Manage Guests Action Menu

For more information on the Check In Guests options, click here.

To send a link for your Volunteers, click Share Check In Page.

Share with Others

  • Add the email addresses of your volunteers pressing enter between each email. Their emails should resolve to a box that can be canceled with the X by the address.
  • Once you have emails entered, click Share. You should see a window advising of the success that the emails are going out to your volunteers.

Share Success

The email they receive will provide a link allowing them to check in guests, using the Guest Check-in process:

Guest Action Menu

The action menu (the three dots) to the right of each guest allows you to:

  • Directly check in the guest
  • Cancel their ticket
  • Resend their ticket

Guest Action Menu

When you Cancel a Ticket, because you are a GiveSmart Fundraise user, the ticket will then be greyed out without taking it off the Manage Guests page. The Check-In page will actually hide any canceled tickets.

  • To cancel a ticket, click Cancel Ticket from the action menu.
  • You will be alerted that the ticket is canceled, and you can click Ok, got it to confirm the cancellation.
    Cancel Ticket
  • You will also have the option to Undo the action from this screen.Undo Cancel Ticket
Note: canceling a ticket does not refund the ticket cost, it only sets it so that ticket cannot be used to check someone in, by ticket number or QR code.

If a guest has lost their Ticket, you can click on Resend Ticket to send it to them again. When you do, you will get a confirmation window that the ticket has been sent.

Resend Ticket


Search and Filter

If you want to look for a specific guest, you can use the search box above the guest list to search by any of the items shown on the screen:

  • Name
  • Ticket ID
  • Ticket Type
  • Email
  • Phone

You can also use the Filter button to the right of the search box to narrow the list first by ticket type before you search.


Selected Guests

If you put a check by a guest's name or multiple guests' names, a bar will appear at the bottom of the page where you can Export the list or Send a text Message to the selected guests.


The Export process is a one-click process. Click Export and the system will automatically start processing the request and download your list of selected guests. This list can be used as a backup process for checking in your guests, sending them emails, or anything else you might need.

Send Message

When you select Send Message, it will automatically take you to the Send text message function within your GiveSmart Fundraise Account. This message screen will hide the parts that are already defined, like the campaign and the list, leaving you with a simpler message screen to complete to send your message. For more on sending text messages, click here. Make sure to click Confirm & Schedule to actually send/schedule your message!

Send Text Message

If you have clicked Confirm & Schedule, instead of taking you to the Outbox, it will return you to the Manage Guests screen and inform you that the Message has been scheduled.

Text Success