Add Drop-Down Element

"On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate our Spring Gala?"
"How do you prefer to donate?"
"Which of our initiatives do you wish your donation to support?"

Providing limited choices provides easy-to-answer questions for your supporters and easy to analyze results for you. You can accomplish this with a drop-down element.

  1. Select the Drop-Down element from the Add Form Element menu
    Add Form. Element Button- Drop-Down
  2. Use the Display Label to ask your question. It has a maximum of 255 characters.
  3. You may want to edit the Reporting Label. By Default, the Reporting Label will be copied from the Display Label, but that may be longer than you desire when you run a report. Click the edit link and make your Reporting Label more succinct.
  4. Add choices by typing in an answer on the Option Label
    1. By default, the Option Value will be copied from the Label. The Option Value is what will appear in the report, so you can adjust the value for a better report as desired.
  5. Click Add New Option to provide a new choice at the bottom of the list
    • You can click the + button to the right of a choice to add a new choice in that location
    • You can click the - button to the right of a choice to remove that choice
    • You can rearrange the choices by clicking and dragging a choice to another position
  6. Click Save to complete your question

Drop-Down Survey Question

Add an Other option with a hidden entry

Drop-Down Form Elements can control Dynamic Actions. If you have choices, but want to provide an open-ended option, such as an "Other" choice, you can include something like a Long Answer so your supporters can enter what they want.

  1. Once you have a Long Answer added (see the Long Answer Question below for its design), click on the Dynamic Action icon by the Drop-Down in your list.
    Dynamic Action Icon Location
  2. Select your Other choice for the Select Value next to the word is.
  3. Click the 0 Elements Selected and scroll down to find and check the Long Answer Element you created to work with this Other choice.
    Dynamic Action Example
  4. Click Save.

Now the box to answer that other choice will be hidden unless the Other option on the Drop-Down has been selected:

Dynamic Question Example.gif