Can I reuse, move or reassign my keyword to a new campaign or event?

Yes! Using an existing fundraising keyword for a new event is very similar to the original setup process except now you will opt to "Select existing keyword" to move the chosen keyword to your new campaign.

When you build a new form, on the Keyword page:

  1. Choose the Existing Keyword you want to re-assign to the new campaign.
    Select Existing Keyword
  2. A warning message with further information about reusing this keyword will appear:
    Select Existing Keyword - Message
  3. Select an Existing Campaign or click the New Campaign button and create a new campaign.
  4. Under Schedule Keyword, select the date on which you wish the change to take place, or choose "Today."
    Schedule Keyword
  5. Leave the Thank You URL and Custom Message the same, or change them if you want.
  6. ClickSave.

Now your keyword is associated with a new campaign and a new thermometer. If you're going to use the thermometer, for instructions on setting up & customizing your pledging thermometer, click here.