Reuse, Move or Reassign a keyword to a new activity

A keyword can be reused, moved, or reassigned to a new activity. 

  1. Rename the Keyword that you wish to reuse.
    • Click on the existing Campaign 
    • Then click the name of the Activity 
    • Finally, update the Keyword - A simple way to change it is to add the year at the beginning. e.g. 23SPONSORDESIGN
  2.  Create the New Campaign and a New Activity or copy the activity that you would like to re-assign the Keyword to.
  3. Click Save

Now the keyword is associated with a new activity and a new thermometer. For instructions on setting up & customizing your pledging thermometer, click here.

Important to note: If you "Select existing keyword" without renaming the keyword in the previous activity the Keyword is superseded and you will no longer have access to the old activity.

A warning message with further information about reusing a keyword may appear.