Mailing List Subscription Explained

What is the Mailing List Subscription found on the Confirmation Page and on the Event Page? This feature allows you to collect either your supporter's mobile number or email address to start sending them messages. This entry indicates supporters more enthusiastic about learning from and about you.

Confirmation Page:

Mailing List Subscription Control

Mailing List Subscription Example

Event Page:

Mailing List Subscription Control (Event)

Mailing List Subscription Example (Event)

When someone uses your keyword, they are automatically added to the list, but many of your supporters may have come to the page from a link or a QR code. These supporters will not be added to the list just by filling out the form. They will need to explicitly join by entering their mobile number into the provided box.

They can also choose to enter their email address, which will add that to the list. This is important if you are sending email through your GiveSmart Fundraise account (using your Constant Contact account in the background). This process is described here.

When they use the Mailing List Subscription element, their number (or email) will be added to the Keyword list associated with the activity or Event Page and they will be texted their subscription confirmation.

Text Confirmation

To see their information in the list, go to Communication & Marketing > Manage Lists

Comm & Mark > Manage Lists

Find the list for the Keyword. It will be listed as "Subscribers for [Keyword] on [Shortcode] for [Campaign]"

Select One List

Click on the title.

Here it will show your subscribers and how they joined this list.

List Acquired By