Suggested Amounts Section

The Suggested Amounts section allows you to choose what you would like for the three donation buttons on your form. We recommend you adjust the amounts to match your typical, average donation. So if you typically receive $20, you wouldn't want to set the suggested amounts to $200, $300 or $400.

We also recommend making the Default Donation Amount match one of the suggested amounts. It provides a subtle suggestion to your donors what you are expecting in a donation and gives them one less thing to select as they fill out the form.

Suggested Amounts

The Section Heading can be changed or left blank if you do not want a section break to show.

Suggested Amount Examplevs.Suggested Amounts Example 2

Like most of the sections, if you do not wish to show the Suggested Amount buttons, you can use the Show/Hide switch in the upper right to turn off the buttons.

If you wish to further personalize the section you can Add Custom Fields, such as adding a text, image or video to further make your ask for the donation.