Display the Fundraising Thermometer On-Screen

Here is everything you will need to display your fundraising thermometer at an event:

  • Projector and screen / white wall OR a television
  • A computer
    • Note: For events it is recommended to have at least 2-3 computers: one for the thermometer, one for offline donations and one to run the program.
  • Video cables to connect your computer to your TV or projector (VGA or HDMI, most likely)
  • Internet connection (required for the thermometer to refresh.)
    • Note: Wifi is only required to get a laptop connected to display a thermometer.

      Everything else is mobile friendly and can be done from a smartphone with internet service. Some smartphones, like Verizon IPhones and others, can create Wifi HotSpots from their smartphones.

      Event locations should be tested for signal strength, across all 4 major carriers if possible, prior to planning to do a event thermometer ask at an event.
  • Link (URL) to your thermometer

Note: The displayed Thermometer link is accessible to anyone with the link, so you can email the link to the event organizers who can use it on their presentation machines without needing a GiveSmart Fundraise account.

To pull up your thermometer, find the associated keyword on your Dashboard. On the far right, click Quick Links > Thermometer Link.

Note: You can also access the Fundraising Thermometer from within the Keyword screen.

Your computer should now be displaying the live thermometer from the presenter mode (full screen).

Click anywhere on the thermometer to enter full-screen mode. On keyboard press Control+ or Control- to zoom in or out as needed.

Note: Use Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers. Safari should work but may experience slight hiccups; Internet Explorer is not supported.