Recurring Donations Section (Corporate Sponsorship)

Recurring Giving with Corporate Sponsorship may take the guise of the installment plan. You can give your sponsors the option to pay over time vs. just a one time payment. While there may be other uses for the Recurring Donation Section that you can use, this is the most likely scenario.

For more about how Recurring Donations function, click here.

Recurring. Installment Example

If you haven't read the Corporate Sponsorship Design article, you will want to start there for all of the things to consider creating your Sponsorship form.

Recurring Donations

Section Heading

You will want to rename your Section Heading to match what you are trying to do. For example, change it to "Pay in Installments."

Accept Recurring Payments

If you wish to not use Recurring Donations on your form you can use the Enable/Disable switch to turn off Recurring Donations completely.

Set Recurring Payment Type

Ongoing: This is the typical and default form of Recurring Giving. It does not have an "end date." So it is designed for a general recurring donation, such as a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual gift.

When you select to make your gift recurring (with any of the Payment Types), it will provide a link to the Recurring Gift Terms and Conditions that you can review.

Fixed Term: This puts an expiry date on the gifts. Such as wanting to donate $50 per month, for the next 12 months and then you as the donor are done with this recurring gift and would need to set up a new gift to continue giving.

When you choose Fixed Term, it will allow you to choose the maximum number of payment choices for your donor, from 2 to 36.

Pay Over Time: This allows you to pay your donation in installments.
Pay Over Time Choice

When a potential sponsor selects a donation amount, then the Recurring Donation Frequency, they then choose how many of that frequency they wish to break up the donation amount into  (example: They choose a "Monthly" recurring donation and can choose how many months to settle that amount), the form will show the current donation amount as a fraction of the total gift (including processing fees if applicable) and advise the donor that they are agreeing to the additional payments with the total amount shown.

Recurring Installment Example Close Up


You can set the Frequency options that will appear on the form. There are five choices, but there is only room for four on the form, so you can choose up to four frequencies. If you choose less, the buttons will change dynamically on your form.

Since this is a Corporate Sponsorship, you and they will likely want to have the funds settled within the year if not sooner, so you may want to remove Quarterly, and most likely will not choose Annually. Depending on what you are offering, the more likely used options would be Weekly and/or Monthly. Make sure you limit their choices to something you can work with.

Frequency Settings

Default Frequency

You can also set any of your selected frequencies to become the Default Frequency. Only selected Frequencies will be visible in the Default Frequency dropdown. 

If you are using the Recurring options with Corporate Sponsorship, it is probably best to leave this as One Time, so the most frequently selected choice for them is to pay it all at one time vs. some form of installment plan.

Encourage Recurring Donations

Encourage Recurring Donations is more in line with donations rather than Corporate Sponsorships, so you will likely not use this feature that pops up and suggests that they switch their sponsorship to a monthly recurring amount. It is recommended to turn this feature off, if it is not already.

For more information about Encouraging Recurring Donations, click here.

Receipts and Notifications

You will also want to review the Receipts and Notifications section, here. This section will give you control of what kind of alerts (Text or SMS and Email) that your sponsors will receive about their installments. 

Add Form Elements

If you wish to further personalize the section you can Add Form Element, such as adding a text, image or video to further make your ask for the recurring donation. For more on Form Elements, click here.