Enter a donation

Making a donation through GiveSmart Fundraise is one of the most important functions to understand. This should be helpful for those looking to see what the donor experience will look like or even those wanting to transfer over Recurring Donations from an old provider to GiveSmart Fundraise.

Launch your Donation Form

To find your donation form link, first go into your Activity. You can access your Activity from the Dashboard from:

  • The appropriate campaign tile
  • The navigation menu at the top 
  • The keywords tab

If you are using the Website Donation Form, go to Fundraising > Website Donation Form.

Once you are in the Activity, locate and click on the “Shareable Link to This Form” in the Display Links box on the left.

The Website Donation Form shows it as the “Secure Link” at the bottom left of the setup page.

Begin a donation

  1. As the donor, choose one of the suggested amount buttons or enter in a custom donation value in the text box below.
  2. Choose to give this donation amount on a recurring basis. 
    • If you choose a recurring gift, you can click on the “terms and conditions” to open these details in a new browser window or tab.
      If a recurring option is selected, the amount will be charged on the same day every pay period. 

      It will not break the amount into equal installments, it will charge the amount above on a recurring basis.
      A special note about moving Recurring Donations from your old donation provider to GiveSmart Fundraise:

      Because we cannot “link” with your old donation provider, there is no way to automatically transfer Recurring Donations to continue running in GiveSmart Fundraise.

      The only way to ensure that a recurring donation gets put into GiveSmart Fundraise to continue processing, is to manually enter in the donor’s information as if you were the donor making their donation in the first place. 

      This will require you to have confidential information like their card number, expiration and security code so that you can manually enter their payment method.

      If you do not have access to that information, the donor will have to enter in the gift, themselves.
  3. Fill in the Contact Information
    We have our default fields: Name, Address, Email and Mobile Number, but you can add or remove fields if if you like, on the Online Form setup screen.
    A Mobile Phone Number or Email Address is required if a notification or receipt needs to be sent to the donor.
    Some payment gateways may require that the donor enters the same address that is on file with the cardholder's bank. If a donor has any issues, ask them to try to enter their billing address for that credit card.
  4. Enter Payment Information.
    • Enter credit card information or select pay by PayPal.
      If the donor chooses to pay via PayPal, they will be prompted to finish their payment in PayPal once they click the Submit button below.
  5. Click the Submit button to process the credit card and send them to the Thank You page.
    You can configure the button text, but the default will be Submit.
  6. The Thank You page will confirm that the information has been received and the card has been billed.
    You can personalize the Thank You page when you first create your Activity, or by clicking the Keyword section on the left after the Activity is created.

If you have any further questions on your donation form or secure links, please reach out to our Support Team.